C-130 drop at air force station Port Elizabeth for Shared Accord

Article by CPO B. Lombard
Photos by Capt M. De Jager
Posted 22 July 2013

Exercise shared 2013 shows no signs of slowing down as a C-130 j model from US Air Force landed in Port Elizabeth on 19 July to drop munitions . These munitions are meant for the US Forces based at Grahams Town. The 16 man crew flew in from the Ascension Islands to drop this valuable commodity to the troops.

The crew off loaded to equipment in roughly two hours under the watchful eyes of Military Police< Defence Intelligence to ensure maximum security moving these high risk equipment. The cargo was moved by three SANDF Mamba’s and two cargo trucks under the supervision of the Military Police were conveyed to Grahams Town.

The passenger hatch opened for the first time on South African soil and the first words from the US Load Master was “Do you guys play rugby here? Because I have all my kit here”, much to the laughter of those on the runway.

The C-130 will be based at Air Force Station Port Elizabeth and will be refuelled and station here for the next 11 days before departing SA.

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