Chief of Logistics confers various long service medals

Article and photos by S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole
SA Soldier

On 8 June 2017, Chief of Logistics, Lt Gen Morris Moadira, conferred approximately 58 various long service medals to deserving members of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) during a medal parade on behalf of the Chief of the SANDF, Gen Solly Shoke, at Tempe Military Sport Grounds in Bloemfontein.

The parade was intended to acknowledge the selfless dedication and loyalty displayed by the members of the SANDF during their years of continuous service. It was also to honour meritorious service or achievement. The Chief of Logistics was impressed by the sight of the men and women standing before him to receive their well-earned medals. Equally important, the medal parade gives us all an opportunity to celebrate as we reflect on the contribution made by our fellow soldiers to the security of our country.

Speaking to the members on parade, Lt Gen Moadira said that to be a member of the SANDF today means to be entrusted with a responsibility to defend the country’s sovereignty in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the country, this requires each member to perform his or her duty with honour, dignity, courage and integrity and to serve with loyalty and pride. All the members who were honoured during the parade embodies all the requirements, and deserved the accolades they have received.

Lt Gen Moadira said: “In order for us to succeed in carrying out our mission, we require a high degree of discipline, unity and an undying spirit of collectivism. As a collective, we are mightier than any challenge. We should all, regardless of rank, project a brand of discipline that never falters, discipline without bias and discipline with no sinister motive. This is the type of discipline required of you, it is our determination, unflinching commitment, courage and above all, discipline that will carry us through even the most trying times.”

He concluded by congratulating and commending all the recipients and their families for the grand milestone they have achieved. Lt Gen Moadira said: “The medals conferred to you today do not equate with the value that most people put on money, but had an immense and special sentimental value and significance in the life of a compatriot.”

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