Kimberly on fire for Armed Forces

By AB Samuel Ramonyai and Ms Beauty Pinga
Photos by L Cpl Paul Mpangala

Whilst anticipating for the official opening day of the Armed Forces 2018 in Kimberly, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) together with its bands put Kimberly on its feet by conducting musical concerts community outreach programmes in various schools on 12 February 2018.

One of the bands that conducted these musical concerts was National Ceremonial Guard (NCG), whose visit was at Pescodia Secondary School at Roodepan in Kimberly.

The visit was aimed at raising awareness to the pupils about the Armed Forces and Defence Force capabilities. 

The Principal of Pescodia High School, Mr Hendrick Phillies in an interview with SA Soldier said: “As this was the first visit I humbly wish that the SANDF can do this more often, by saying this is because I have seen the response from the pupil and I am very sure that they would like to know more about the services in SANDF. This day is a positive turnaround for our school, I as the principal never thought that the band would actually put pupils on their feet and the response was over the top, I am quite happy of this day”.

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