SANDF pulling the crowd of Kimberly during the opening of Armed Forces

By AB Samuel Ramonyai and Ms Beauty Pinga
Photos by L Cpl Paul Mpangala

After a proper marketing of the highly anticipated Armed Forces Day celebration  that will take place on 21 February 2018 in Kimberly, the South African National Defence Force(SANDF) welcomed a throng of learners, communities and university students to the opening ceremony of the 2018 Armed Forces Day Fan Park.

The Fan Park was on its fullness, as the crowd kept on coming minute after minute to witness the live-link view demonstrations of the military activities. To make the crowd even more enthusiastic, the entertaining activities unfolded with Special Forces parachute free fall, followed by the drill artillery, precision drill, gun run, mock attack, military police demonstration, bridge laying demonstration, aerobatic and formation flying.

The most highlighting part about the Armed forces opening was not only to show case the live-link view demonstrations of the military activities, but also to interact with the youth, giving them opportunity to learn more about the SANDF and its capabilities.

The event exhibited the military equipments, static display and career stalls to give the community more exposure about the SANDF.

“We are so thrilled by the level of professionalism and activities we see here today. We now have adequate knowledge of what the defence force is all about; we got exposed to various fields we never knew they exist in the defence force. We can not hesitate to say we are going to apply for the defence force, particularly the SA Navy”: said Ms Noluthando twala Grade 11 pupil and Ms Bonolo Majodina Grade 10, both learners from Paballelo High School.

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