Recently received bids

Description ClosingDate Tender No
Provision of Geohydrological Service for Boreholes 06 February 2018 SPU/B/YPLT/153/17
Repair of a CAT challenger grader 02 February 2018 SPU/B/DBSS/114/17
Hire of Freestanding Marquee Tents and Furnishings 02 February 2018 SPU/B/DSS/149/17
Hire of spectator seating and parade stages with canopies 02 February 2018 SPU/B/DSS/139/17
Supply and delivery of fuel pumps for landward fuel installations 04 December 2018 SPU/B/DSS/116/17
Supply and delivery of A4 photocopy paper 27 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/113/17
Supply and delivery of Embossed Rank Insignias 20 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/059/17
Supply and delivery of R&D shirting material 14 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/015/17
Blankets SAAF Blue Acrylic 13 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/095/17
Drafting of specifications 13 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/094/17
Caps service dress garrison summer ceremonial 13 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/037/17
Supply and delivery of belts trousers nylon blue 09 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/053/17
Supply and delivery of belts ceremonial general and SAAF officers 08 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/040/17
Supply and delivery of jackets mens technical staff warm 08 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/035/17
Supply and delivery of Patches Gorget 07 November 2017 SPU/B/DSS/055/17
Refurbishment of diesel bowzer registration BDG 890M 21 September 2017 SPU/B/142 SQN/063/17
Supply and delivery of tracksuits quantec blue 19 September 2017 SPU/B/DSS/046/17
Supply and delivery of Embossed Badges 13 September 2017 SPU/B/DSS/057/17